Sealcoating: Sealer is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, mineral fillers and other additives that is applied to the surface of a paved area such as parking lots. Sealcoating protects and preserves the integrity of the asphalt it is applied to. It prevents against sun damage, water damage, and the deteriorating effects of gasoline and oil. In addition to its protective qualities, Sealer provides a fresh black finish that beautifies the asphalt and gives it the appearance of being new.





Striping: The act of pavement marking using latex/water-based, heavy duty chlorinated rubber, promar alkyd, or VOC compliant acrylic traffic paint. Striping allows for an orderly parking arrangement, direction of traffic flow, the communication of safety rules and regulations as well as ADA compliance. Water-based paint can last up to 2 years under ideal conditions, however, a fixed service schedule is recommended for every 6-12 months.





Hot Applied Thermoplastic: Thermoplastic is a mixture of glass beads, filler materials, pigment and binder used for pavement marking. It is applied after being heated to a liquid and is engineered and formulated for long term durability. Thermoplastic does not crack, chip, or impact shatter. It is environmentally safe and is impervious to the effects of oil and grease. Thermoplastic, depending on conditions of use(weather, level of traffic, snow removal/plowing etc), can last between 5 and 8 years but service is generally recommended after 3.



Signage: The installation of signs used to convey traffic directions, safety rules and regulations, and ADA compliance.

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Hot or Cold Pour Crack Fill: Crack filler is a substance comprised of asphaltic resins and synthetic polymer rubber that, when melted is used to seal cracks and expansive joints in both asphalt and concrete pavement. Crack filling prevents water damage, further expansion of cracking and prolongs the life of the treated pavement.

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